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Vancouver Update: Trucker Licensing Begins Amid Protests

According to multiple media outlets, the new trucker licensing program at Port Metro Vancouver officially began as planned on February 1. The day prior to the launch (January 31), area drayage drivers held a rally in neighboring Surrey in support of 600 drivers who failed to be certified to operate at the port, among other issues. Meanwhile, the threat of a full-fledged trucker strike in Vancouver still lingers, with some drivers who weren’t granted licensing urging their colleagues to refuse port assignments until inequities in the new system are resolved.


Last week, Port Metro Vancouver released a statement that characterized the changes as facilitating “more stable service to the port and a better living for those who participate. For years, the local container trucking sector that serves Port Metro Vancouver has been unstable and drivers have found it increasingly difficult to make a living. There is widespread agreement there are too many trucking companies and drivers, which has resulted in undercutting and other problems.”


In terms of how trucking companies were selected for licensing, the port cited various criteria, including the ability to meet health, safety, environmental, bonding and insurance requirements, as well as the means to contribute to fees that fund the provincial auditing program. Truckers who lack a port license, the statement added, can still work at the port in other trucking-related jobs.


SPARX logistics will continue to monitor this situation and keep our customers informed of the latest developments. If you have questions or concerns related to specific shipments, please feel free to contact your SPARX representative.