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Congestion in Shanghai, Other China Ports Expected to Persist into May

According to multiple industry sources, several ports in China, including Shanghai’s Yangshan deep water port, have faced increasing congestion in recent weeks. Corresponding delays are being attributed to poor seasonal weather conditions (including fog), higher-than-expected export volumes, and changes to sailing schedules caused by the restructuring of shipping alliances. To the latter point, several vessels have reportedly failed to call at port at the correct time, leading to logjams of both containers and ships waiting in queue.


According to local sources in Shanghai, Yangshan terminal is currently facing over 10 omissions per week, with larger vessels forced to wait days in open water for berthing slots. In addition, mega vessels are tyically limited to two dockside, as opposed to three for conventional ships, further exacerbating delays in offloading. With China's Labour Day holiday on deck for April 29 through May 1, the situation is not expected to improve until the second week of May, when terminals can step up efforts to move container in/out of terminals and clear their backlog of vessels.


SPARX logistics will continue to monitor this situation and keep our customers apprised of the latest developments. If you have questions or concerns related to specific shipments, please feel free to contact your SPARX representative.