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Ningbo Trucker Strike Causing Delays

According to local sources, a strike staged by trucking companies and owner-operators serving the Ningbo, China port area has escalated to a more serious level. The work stoppage began the afternoon of August 18, when picket lines were set up in front of various larger container depots (including Bei Lun Container Terminal) in protest of delays to promised wage increases for truckers. By August 20, the demonstration had caught the attention of the Chinese government, which is looking into ways to resolve the issue. In the meantime, delays range from trouble picking up equipment to difficulties delivering booked cargo for departure.

Carriers have reportedly reacted quickly to the situation, re-routing equipment handling and release to alternate depots. However, the sheer volume of containers involved has made it impossible to compensate fully for the various bottlenecks. Combined with an already stressed equipment situation in the area, logistics operations throughout Ningbo are reporting delays.

SPARX logistics will continue to monitor this situation and keep our customers apprised of the latest developments.  If you have questions or concerns related to specific shipments, please contact your SPARX representative.